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We understand that visiting a church can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, you’ll feel at home when you walk in the doors at Cross Roads.


We suggest arriving about 10 minutes before a service.  This will give you time to make sure your young children get to the nursery and for you to get back to the sanctuary for the service.


As the service begins, we will sing a few songs of worship, have a time to greet others, and then we will collect our offering. As a guest, we do not expect you to give. Giving is an expectation for members only.  (The money we collect each week goes to support the work of ministry at our church, in our community and around the world.)


Our Pastor or another leader will offer a children's message for any children that are in the service.  All children are invited to the front of the sanctuary to be seated on the floor as we share a verse of scripture and how to apply it to our lives. If your child is a little nervous to walk to the front, feel free to come with them, or you can stay at your seat. 


Our Pastor will preach a message from God’s Word. If you have a Bible, bring it with you. If not, there are Bibles available under each seat.

At the end of our service, our pastor will offer an invitation.  The invitation is a time for each person in attendance to respond to the message.  A response might be to pray at your seat or at the front altar.  Another response could also be to come forward and talk with our Pastor about Salvation through Jesus Christ.  Some respond by asking about church membership.  Each response is personal, but your response to the message is nothing to be ashamed of. 


There’s no particular style of clothing needed. We want you to be comfortable, but suggest modest clothing, appropriate for worshiping our Lord and Savior. 


Our church is made up of all kinds of people. You’ll find someone you have something in common with.


Our biggest concern is that you know Jesus as your personal savior and you are encouraged to worship and grow and serve however God has equipped you.


If you really want to know more about our church, we suggest that you attend one of our Bible Study classes through Sunday School. This is a time of small group Bible Study, where you will get to know others your age and know more about the Bible. Sunday School meets at 9:30 each Sunday morning. Don’t worry about your kids or teens, there are classes for them too!


We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

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