Josh Simmons



Josh married his wife, Cynthia, in 2005. They have been part of the Cross Roads family since 2008. Josh became the Pastor at Cross Roads in October, 2014.
Eli became part of their family in February 2016. Josh lost his wife Cynthia on June 3, 2021, to complications from her second liver transplant. 


Josh attended Union University in Jackson, TN where he met his wife, Cynthia.  He graduated in 2005 from Union and went back to work on staff at the university later that same year. He finished a Masters Degree in Educational Technology in 2013 through Boise State University. Josh serves Cross Roads as a bi-vocational pastor, with his full-time work being at Union University in Jackson.

Brian Breedlove
Minister to Youth


Brian is a native of Middle Tennessee. He grew up in the Nashville area but now lives with his wife, Wendy in Jackson.  Brian and Wendy were married in April 2017.  Brian is a graduate of Volunteer State Community College and Union University with a degree in Christian Ministry.  Brian joined our staff in August of 2018.


Brian and Wendy primarily serve our 6th-12th grade students and their families, but also play a vital role in Children's and Family Ministries. 

Ross & Catherine_edited.jpg
Ross Via
Minister of Music


Ross and his wife Catherine have led the Music Ministry at Cross Roads since 1974.  Ross grew up at Cross Roads and has made his life work in the community as a farmer. Ross serves as a deacon and is active in the Tennessee Farm Bureau.


Ross earned degrees through the University of Tennessee System.
His wife, Catherine, serves as our church pianist. Ross & Catherine have 3 adult children and 8 grandchildren.


We are grateful for the leadership of Ross and Catherine in our church.

Our Deacons

Deacons have a very important role in the church. Although their ministry is a ministry of service, the fact that they have been chosen demonstrates they are respected by the congregation. Their role is second in importance only to the pastor. The pastor are given by the Lord the responsibility of teaching the Word. Without this ministry the church will not prosper spiritually. Part of the duty of the deacons is to relieve the pastor of responsibilities that would keep them from doing their best in studying the Word, spending time alone with God in prayer, and teaching the Word effectively. This is the reason the first deacons were chosen (Acts 6). Deacons still need to work closely with the pastor to make sure that this problem does not arise within the church.  Cross Roads is blessed with a group of Godly deacons who serve their church well. 

Wayne Bolding
Jerry Cantrell
Larry Kee

Ross Via (Chairman)
Ruste Via