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A Vision for the Future of Cross Roads Baptist Church

Cross Roads Baptist Church seeks to be on-mission in our community, our state, our nation and our world, for the purpose of growing in love with the Savior, increasing in fellowship with each other, and seeing spiritual change in the hearts of all people; fulfilling the great commission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, until he returns.

The Vision at CRBC focuses on 4 key areas:​








-We will increase our level of personal and corporate prayer. 

-We will be intentional in praying for the lost by name.  Each member is encouraged to identify 5 people who are lost and/or unchurched and to pray for them by name each day. 

-We will be intention in praying together as a congregation for special needs, outreach and evangelism opportunities, missions events, our community, our nation and our world. 


-We will place and increased emphasis on Personal Evangelism

-We will not only pray for 5 lost people each, but our prayer will be for opportunities to share the gospel with them.

-We will host strategic outreach events several times throughout the year, with the goal of sharing the gospel with friends, family and neighbors. 

-We will pursue opportunities for missions involvement for our members, both as individuals and as a church within the Crockett Baptist Association. 

-We will increase our mission offerings by 50%

-We will reallocate our budget to reflect 10% of our expenditures are on local evangelism, benevolence and outreach over the next 5 years.


-We will be strategic in offering classes and discipleship opportunities for young families. 

-We will work to see all active members involved in Sunday School as well as worship. 

-We will be intentional to include those who are coming to Christ through our prayer and evangelism efforts into discipleship classes and opportunities. 


-We will pray for God to raise up the next generation of those who will lead us in music and worship. 

-We will seek to create an environment of worship that blends both modern hymns and choruses with the hymns that have been a foundation of our worship for generations. 

-We will be mindful of our times of worship and work to ensure that all worship services are focused on Christ and His glory.



Our Prayer for the future of Cross Roads Baptist Church is taken from Psalm 67:1-2.


May God be gracious to us and bless us;

look on us with favor so that Your way
may be known on earth,
Your salvation among all nations.

Let the peoples praise You, God; let all the peoples praise You.

Psalm 67:1-2

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